Tailor-made tops and kitchen countertops for a unique and unrepeatable experience

Not all kitchens are the same. And not all projects are created in line with interior design guidelines. For those like you who have a personal vision of how to create a kitchen, there is a tailor-made solution that will amaze you every day you see it.

Marmo Arredo uses its experience to always offer you the ideal solution for every single kitchen project, making it original in a few steps and in a short time. Choose from marbles, granites, natural stones and technical materials. All you have to do is touch and feel.

Kitchen countertop and integrated sink

Minimalist lines and materials with great character for a truly unique kitchen.

Kitchen countertop and inset sink

Refined materials and workmanship for a classic-style kitchen countertop and island.

Custom-built kitchen countertop

Total black granite covering for a timeless and long-lasting kitchen countertop.

Custom-built kitchen countertop

Refinement and elegance for a contrasting effect in the kitchen, wonderfully enhancing the prestige of marble.

Kitchen countertop and backsplash

Modern and clear-cut lines for this striking kitchen countertop in a material with an intense colour and pale inclusions.

Island and kitchen countertop

Extremely decorative material for a kitchen of great luxury and character.

Island and kitchen countertop

A classic kitchen with a countertop and island in grey marble with veins, for a space in refined style.

Custom-built kitchen countertop

Impressively thick countertop covered with precious marble in highly sophisticated colours.

Kitchen countertop and side panel

Surfaces with clear-cut minimalist lines for a modern kitchen in a material with warm shades.

Custom-built and cladded island

Elegant structure with great character, custom-built and cladded in black marble with vibrant light-coloured veins.

Countless solutions of materials and finishes to choose from.

Marmo Arredo materials are designed to complement kitchens with a wide choice of finishes, colours, nuances and veins to suit every style, every environment and every desire. Their quality makes them unique and long-lasting.

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