Marmo Arredo is always a guarantee, even more so with the right maintenance.

Marmo Arredo materials are designed to last, but simple care can make them truly everlasting.

Discover the few guidelines for the correct maintenance of surfaces.

For cleaning and routine maintenance, we recommend that you always immediately remove any liquids that may come into contact with the surface using a damp microfibre cloth and neutral detergents.


L’agglomerato di quarzo è uno dei materiali più duraturi, è impermeabile e resiste molto bene alle macchie, agli acidi oltre che alle abrasioni. 

Quartz agglomerate is one of the most long-lasting materials. It is waterproof and highly resistant to stains, acids and abrasion. These properties make it very easy to clean. To remove mineral substances deposited by liquids left to dry on the surface, we recommend using a descaling detergent (scale remover). If, on the other hand, organic substances (e.g. food residues, oil, splashes of sauces, etc.) are deposited on the surface, we recommend removing them with a kitchen degreaser. In both cases, spray the detergent onto the stain, leave it to work for a few minutes, rinse with a damp sponge and then dry with absorbent paper.

If necessary, repeat the operation until the stain has been entirely removed. It is important to leave any detergent to work for the time required to dissolve the dirt and then make it removable. Always dry the clean area in order to eliminate any residues from the cleaning product used. For other types of stain of synthetic origin, solvents, alcohol or a nitro thinner may be used. We always recommend carrying out a test on a small portion of the top.

Pandora ceramic

Ceramic material is very hard and highly resistant to heat. It is available in a wide variety of colours that imitate natural materials with very realistic effects. Ceramic has no binder, is particularly rigid and not at all flexible.

For routine cleaning of the surface, simply use a damp microfibre cloth. For supplementary maintenance, we recommend using neutral detergents and a soft sponge.

It is always advisable to quickly remove any deposits of liquids that stain by rinsing the surface with water. Tougher stains and deposits can be removed by using a slightly abrasive sponge. If necessary, use the sponge with a specific stain remover.

We definitely do not recommend using steel wool.

Natural stone, marble and granite

Natural stone types vary in their geological formation and, depending on their composition, may consist of calcium carbonate or different mineral substances. These materials have different degrees of absorption depending on their nature. They may be sensitive to acidic substances and aggressive detergents. We recommend removing spillages promptly to avoid the surface from staining, as when left on a surface for a long time, they may corrode it or be difficult, if not impossible, to remove. For routine cleaning, we recommend using only warm water and neutral soap. Absolutely avoid using aggressive detergents or acids that may irreparably damage the material.

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