We bring innovation to stones, granites and materials by making them contemporary.

For us, there is nothing more dynamic than stone. Every day we strive to find new solutions in order to add performance and functionality to the beauty of our materials and make them ideal for modern living. Over the years, we have developed innovative and efficient procedures for all types of processing, giving designers and architects the scope to create the boldest cutting-edge projects with the best and most advanced machine tools.


We have created antibacterial and antiviral protection that challenges the passing of time by staying active for years. An invisible work of art.

Shield® treatment

For protecting the finest materials.

Integrated sinks

Discover the sink integrated with the kitchen countertop.

Invisible Line®

All the beauty on the same countertop.

Inset sinks

We go beyond the standard concept.

The perfect joint

For natural materials.

Wireless charging

Technology integrated into your environment.

Eulithe® countertops

And stone becomes light.

Quality control

We only want to give you certainties

Many complex steps are involved in creating the ideal solution for your project. To ensure that we always offer you only our very best, we make countless choices, apply technology and invest in researching fine craftsmanship. And in the end, we check that all this meets your expectations.

After sales

We like relationships that last as long as our materials

We never stop caring for natural stones, granites, marbles and technical materials. We will always be ready to advise and assist you to ensure that the work we have done lasts as long as possible. We can’t help ourselves, but we like it that way.

Project consultancy

We have dedicated an office to more complex challenges

Certain ideas need to be transferred to reality and developed through the collaboration of different talents and experiences. We wanted to give this process the space it deserves, filling it with the right professionals.


We always know everything about a Marmo Arredo product

From its creation to its inclusion in the environment for which it was conceived and designed, each one of our products is coded and tracked, allowing us to control its quality at every stage of its journey from our world to yours.

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