Scapin Group
The evolution of production and research

The Scapin Group is a sound and diversified company that includes several brands, each one dedicated to a specific production and commercial area. At the origin of everything and the decisive factor was the Group’s insight to offer stone products for the home in the years that saw dynamic development in the residential building industry. Growth was also boosted by the ability to systematically innovate production processes and introduce innovative products on the market. Processing was gradually raised to an increasingly impeccable level of precision using

existing machinery and acquiring the first CNC machinery designed for the industry. The search for new materials and finishes also evolved alongside the development of production processes. The turning point came when the potential of quartz agglomerate was acknowledged. It was then distributed in Italy and throughout the world. The successful artisan workshop was transformed into a flourishing and innovative industry, the pride of national entrepreneurship.

Outstanding technology and functionality

The Group’s research lab

Lightweight, durable, Eulithe®

Vincenzo Scapin
Gianni Scapin
Romeo Scapin
Marco Scapin
Margherita Scapin
Filippo Scapin
Alberto Scapin
Nicolò Scapin

The Management

A group as solid as its roots

Three brothers, closely tied to their local area, have shared their passion for stone and its processing, building an ever-expanding company on solid foundations. Today, together with the new generation, they form the management of Marmo Arredo and the Scapin Group.

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