The essence of a design that aspires to eternity floats with enchanting lightness in any environment, like a boat that can be admired and at the same time enhances the sea around it. Chiglia is the table in which beauty and sustainability are bound to infinity.

Chiglia, no longer suspended and light, but visually strong, stands out as the protagonist.

With its essential but resistant silhouette, the Chiglia table, in a single-material version, becomes a design object in which shapes and mineral material are strongly characterising. The physicality of Chiglia in the mono-material version is given by the power of marble or quartz, which delineates it as the main subject and characteristic of the space in which it resides.

Natural Stones

Essential geometry enhancing the materiality of marble

The term Marble derives from the ancient Greek Màrmaron meaning ‘shining stone’, which in turn is descended from the verb ‘marmàiró’ meaning ‘to shine, to sparkle’. Marble, in fact, is a metamorphic stone appreciated since antiquity for its ability to reflect light in different ways, resulting pure and shining. Born from the depths of the earth, this material has the ability to adapt to different living needs, always managing to create elegant and timeless atmospheres.


Spaces in which materials of different natures coexist and contaminate each other.

The new generation of sheets with recycled glass, a resin derived from bio compound and silica free. As in nature, the ecotone represents the transitional environment between two ecosystems or two distinct entities, so this collection is intended to represent a transition from a more canonical mode of production to one that is more respectful of our planet.


Expressive and luminous slabs, contemporary yet timeless.

Quartzforms® is composite quartz produced with the exclusive Bretonstone® process that gives it the unparalleled characteristics of versatility, resistance, aesthetic performance, hygiene and ease of maintenance appreciated by architects, designers and consumers all over the world. Surfaces made with Quartzforms® are the ideal complement to the environments and individual and collective spaces in which people carry out their activities.

Technical Info

The table is available in three lengths, in a single-material version or with a glass base and top in different colours

Starting from a principle of essentiality and formal elegance, we arrive at the design of a table that is unique in its design: rectangular, composed of two minimal L-shaped legs and a top whose unique shape presents a three-dimensional faceted, diamond-like development in the underlying surface. The assembly of the elements is interlocking, without the use of metal joining elements or adhesives.

Length 270cm
Width 100cm
Height 75cm
Top weight ~250kg
2 legs weight ~80kg
2 legs weight ~100kg
Length 210cm
Width 100cm
Height 75cm
Top weight ~200kg
2 legs weight ~80kg
2 legs weight ~100kg
Length - 150cm
Width - 100cm
Height - 75cm
Top weight - ~140kg
2 legs weight - ~80kg
2 legs weight - ~100kg

The choice of the elements that make up the Chiglia table reflects the same conscious search for balance as the navigator: glass and stone, transparency and solidity, lightness and materiality offset each other in a perfect fit of essential geometries.
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Chiglia Low Table

The low table from the Chiglia collection is a declination
for the living area.

Chiglia Consolle

From the Chiglia table section, comes the console version, designed to be wall-mounted, which picks up on the collection’s linear forms for an effect of light elegance.

Stefano Boeri Interiors

Design and technology embrace a design and production process geared towards the generation of timeless value.

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