The history of Marmo Arredo is like intertwined veins in a marble slab, where the two elements that have made the company a sound benchmark in the field of processing natural stone and technological materials constantly pursue each other: the industrial element, supported by the continuous research and development of the most innovative solutions and the artisan element, which guides each project with the experience and precision of manual workmanship.
An industry as solid as stone


Marmo Arredo knows and catalogues stone from all over the world.

With a warehouse of over 20,000 square metres, a showcase of more than 30,000 slabs and 40 years of experience in researching stone materials, we are now the ideal partner to help you find the perfect stone, whether it is a natural material from the depths of the earth or a technological surface with contemporary appeal.

Since the outset, Marmo Arredo has followed the development of Engineered Stone and has become the major Italian distributor while acquiring the most sophisticated processing skills. In July 2010, the company set up a futuristic plant in Magdeburg (Germany), guaranteeing designers a complete production chain. The same rigorous quality standards are applied from the raw material to the end product.

The hand that shapes the dream

Tailor Made

Marmo Arredo combines precise and reliable technology with passionate craftsmanship to make each project unique.

We are a cutting-edge company offering designers and architects the best and most sophisticated machine tools while making the most ambitious and innovative projects possible. Alongside technological perfection, we always like to strongly focus on fine craftsmanship, thanks to the contribution of more than 150 specialised employees and the manual finishing of each stone.

An infinite network of veins


Marmo Arredo has catalogued and knows every stone worldwide. With a warehouse of over 20,000 square metres, a jewel box containing over 30,000 slabs, and the experience gained during 40 years’ research on stone materials, today Marmo Arredo is the ideal partner to help discover the perfect stone for a project, whether it is a natural material coming from the depths of the earth or the result of contemporary cutting-edge technology.

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