Marmo Arredo Spa (Marmo Arredo) guarantees the first purchaser/user (Client), for a period of 2 (two) years, that the bathroom tops and kitchen counters supplied (the Products) comply with the orders (Legal Guarantee). Marmo Arredo also guarantees, for a period of 10 (ten) years, that there will be no structural defects regarding the composition of the material itself in the quartz and resin agglomerate materials used for the creation of the Products (Conventional Guarantee). Marmo Arredo offers the Client no other legal or conventional guarantee, whether implicit or expressed. These guarantees only apply to those products that have been paid for in full.


The aforementioned guarantee periods, 2 and 10 years respectively, start on the delivery date of the product as stated on the transportation documents, and can in no way be suspended or extended as a result of the Products not being used, even if the aforementioned is due to repairs while under guarantee. The Client foregoes the Legal Guarantee should defects or the absence of compliance of the Product not be declared within 60 (sixty) days from the date they were (or should have been) discovered, sending a letter by registered delivery to Marmo Arredo with a description of the defects found and the maintenance carried out. The Conventional Guarantee will only be offered in those cases in which the Client requests it to be activated within 8 days from the date on which the defect was (or should have been) discovered, sending a letter by registered delivery to Marmo Arredo with a description of the defects found and the maintenance carried out.

Guarantee exceptions

The guarantee is only valid if the above-stated indications are respected, downloadable at: www.marmoarredo.com Any effects resulting from the improper use of the material are excluded from the guarantee. In addition, any compositions of particular dimensional conformation created without having been the subject of a feasibility study that was approved in writing by Marmo Arredo are also excluded from the guarantee.
The guarantee does not apply in the case in which:
• the client/user intervened on the P roduct in person;
• third parties intervened for the r estoration and/or reparation of the Product without prior written authorisation from Marmo Arredo;
• the Product was modified by a t hird party without the prior written authorisation from Marmo A rredo. The guarantee does not apply in cases in which
• products have been subjected to “thermal shock” or damage resulting from the absence of suitable protection from direct or indirect sources of heat; • products have been subjected to overloading;
• defects caused by normal usage (scratches, abrasions or breakages);
• use of the Product for a purpose other than the one for which the Product was designed;
• products are subjected to the abuse of chemical substances;
• products are used in areas with climatic variations and extreme temperatures;
• products are not installed correctly;
• products are installed with damaged or broken parts;
• tampering, negligence, abuse or improper use of the Product has occurred.


In the hypothesis the defect is reported immediately, Marmo Arredo has the right to examine, at their own discretion, the Products in question, and to send a technician to carry out a survey to establish the nature of the defect and its cause. Should the presence of a defect in the Product recognised by the guarantee be ascertained, the Client will have the right to have the Product repaired or replaced free of cost, as decided by Marmo Arredo. If, however, the technician 5 ascertains that the defect is not covered by the guarantee, all costs regarding the inspection and any work regarding repairs and/or replacement – including manual labour, transport, food and boarding, replacement materials – will be charged to the Client. The guarantees on Products that are replaced or repaired in accordance with the previous paragraph, remain in vigour only for the remaining period between the reparation and/or replacement and the expiry of the original guarantee period regarding the Product originally bought by the Client. The Client has no right to any other intervention form under guarantee and/or compensation, explicitly excluding any responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage that might result from the defectiveness and/or non conformity of the Products, that must, therefore, within the limits foreseen by the law, be understood as expressly renounced by the Client.

Final clauses

These general guarantee conditions fall under Italian law. Any dispute arising from or regarding the present general conditions or the use of the Product will be handled by the Law Court of Padua, Italy. Should the competent legal authorities rule one of the clauses of the present conditions to be declared invalid, illicit or ineffective, the remaining clauses will continue to remain in effect regarding the part unaffected by the invalidated clause.