For over thirty years Marmo Arredo has been transforming marbles, granites, natural stones, and composite and agglomerate materials for building and interior design.
The quality of the company’s products is renowned, standing out worldwide thanks to the ideal combination of artisan manual workmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Marmo Arredo has catalogued and knows every stone worldwide. With a warehouse of over 20,000 square metres, a jewel box containing over 30,000 slabs, and the experience gained during 35 years’ research on stone materials, today Marmo Arredo is the ideal partner to help discover the perfect stone for a project, whether it is a natural material coming from the depths of the earth or the result of contemporary cuttingedge technology. Ever since its creation Marmo Arredo has been following the development of Engineered Stone, making it the leading Italian distributor with the most sophisticated production skills. In July 2010 it opened a futuristic establishment in Magdeburg (Germany), guaranteeing designers a complete production chain. From the raw material to the product: the same rigorous quality standards

Marmo Arredo’s experience is at the heart of each project. Hand-in-hand collaboration with technicians and designers with the aim of optimising solutions and finding better ideas. Over the years the company has developed innovative, efficient procedures for all kinds of production. The lightened Eulithe® tops make it possible to create greater thickness while maintaining outstanding lightness. The flexibility of the block elements is exalted by the increased ability to create threedimensional models using the most outstanding software. The surface of the stone is endowed with multiple characteristics thanks to research carried out on the finishing in synergy with leading instrument companies. Marmo Arredo offers designers a unique service that combines impeccable qualitative performance with speed; automatised production lines reduce production times, for example for a standard top less than an hour.

Marmo Arredo combines precision and reliable technology with a passion for craftsmanship to make a project unique. It is an avant-garde company that offers designers and architects the best, most developed equipment, making the boldest and most innovative projects possible. The technological perfection Marmo Arredo is backed by outstanding craftsmanship, with over 100 specialists and the hand-finishing of each stone. The certification of this impeccable production is tested in laboratories where the finished product is subjected to rigorous quality control. Marmo Arredo takes the greatest care of its products, ensuring their quality remains unchanged with time thanks to the exclusive shield® treatment that gives the stones – even the most delicate finishing - a resistant surface; Marmo Arredo stones are guaranteed.